The State of Cleveland’s Infrastructure

Cleveland’s Infrastructure

The State of Cleveland’s Infrastructure

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There is something called a reality check that can be done. So, let’s look at how Cleveland’s infrastructure fares today.

Cleveland’s Infrastructure

5 Trends That Matter in Cleveland’s Infrastructure

  • Low rating

The city did not score well in the infrastructure department when it comes to the evaluation by the society of civil engineers. Sure, there has been some progress in restoring and developing new infrastructure for the city. Although a lot has been done, it is just not enough. The work needs to pick up pace and projects need to be completed within timelines.

  • More Investments Needed

The amount of money set aside for infrastructure may not be enough. The leaders might have to look at ways to increase the investments made into the infrastructure. If the investment cannot be increased, then new ways of cutting down costs without hurting the quality of the infrastructure will have to be considered.

Cleveland’s Infrastructure

  • New Infrastructure Versus Restoration of Old One

This is another peculiar problem that the city is currently facing. While, on the one hand, the city needs to come up with new infrastructure to meet the growing demand, on the other hand, it also has to take care of the older and crumbling infrastructure and restore it. A decision needs to be made as to where the efforts have to be focused. Although hard, the decision can impact the lives of many.

  • Adopting the Green Infrastructure Policy

The city seems to be adopting the green infrastructure policy that aims at protecting, enhancing, preserving, and restoring. We know that water has its own impact on infrastructure. In fact, wet weather or water flow can cause significant wear and tear. So, the green infrastructure policy looks to improve the way the stormwater is stored, filtered, infiltrated, harvested, and reused. The aim of these new measures is to improve the resilience of the existing infrastructure.

  • Making Things Sustainable

The focus has also shifted to sustainability. A lot is being done to see how clean energy sources can be used and how infrastructure can be made eco-friendly and sustainable for long term. A few initiatives are already being tried out, but only time will tell how successful they can be.

Cleveland’s Infrastructure


While the city’s infrastructure problems are significant, they are solvable. A few good investments and a few innovative solutions are what is really needed.

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