Cleveland – a Comfortable Place to Live in

Cleveland - a Comfortable Place to Live in

Cleveland – a Comfortable Place to Live in

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Why Cleveland? What does distinguish Cleveland from other similar cities in the USA? Nature? Architecture? Infrastructure? History? Or maybe locals? What are the main reasons the city is considered to be one of the most comfortable places to live in through the whole country? And why do Millennials prefer it over others?

Today we’re going to answer all these questions, finding out the secret of Cleveland city.

Living in Cleveland

What does living in Cleveland remind of?

First of all, let’s imagine the measurements of the area. Cleveland is the 51st largest city in the US with the population of more than 380.000 people. It is clearly much less than Chicago, New York, or Boston has. Believe it or not but exactly this fact influences the reasons why people decide to move to a smaller city. Some of them choose a relaxing rhythm of life, while others choose better possibilities at lower prices.

We’ve highlighted top 7 reasons why Cleveland is considered to be a comfortable place to live in.cleveland


7 Reasons to Choose Cleveland

  • Prices. The prices in Cleveland allow you to get bigger and luxurious houses in nicer areas at the prices which are lower than other cities have.
  • Culture. The one thing you can definitely find in Cleveland is an originality. The city holds multiple concerts, opera performances, presents new, authentic bands and artists, whether it is a holiday or a simple weekend. You can always find some cultural or sports event holding in Cleveland on a daily basis.
  • Metroparks. In Cleveland, you get 23.000 acres of Metropark. All open air activities are gathered here – hiking, running, biking, waterfall observing, boating, fishing, and much more.cleveland metroparks
  • Living close to your work. If you have a car in Cleveland, you can reach absolutely any place you need in no more than 25 minutes. Isn’t it great? No more heavy traffic! No more being late for work!
  • The community. Cleveland is a city, where communication matters. The neighborhood community is developed here as in no other city in the USA.
  • New places. Cleveland is open to new places and events. A plenty of different food, restaurants, and cafes is a strong proof of that. Cleveland literally has every kind of food and cuisine.
  • Business. If you want to start your own business, come to Cleveland. The city is open to new projects and the citizens are continuously interested in them. An exciting and passionate community of creators offers a lot of opportunities to make your dreams come true.

Cleveland is a city rich enough in history, culture, opportunities, attractions, and communications to satisfy the needs of almost everyone.

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