Explore Cleveland: 5 Places to Visit

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If you have never been to Cleveland, now is the right time to do it. Cleveland is a diverse and modern city with much to offer for any traveler.

Today we’re going to present 5 best places for eating, shopping, and relaxing in Cleveland. So, be ready to pack a suitcase for your future trip after reading the article. Cleveland is a place which is going to blow you away. And don’t forget to take your travel credit card to get only the best of your trip while saving more. More people can make money online, for example, using loan affiliate programs with 5% referral program and spend them on art

So, let’s get started.

5 Places to Visit in Cleveland

If you’re still thinking «Cleveland? What’s interesting in Cleveland?», then now is the time to explain. We’re going to present 5 absolutely different places to make your travel program diverse and not boring.

The Cleveland Museum of Art

  • The Cleveland Museum of Art. We’re going to start with cultural places. And not simple ones, but very prominent and famous. The Cleveland Museum of Art resembles the New York City public library, containing incredible works of art. The museum has already celebrated its 100th anniversary.
  • Our second destination is Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This place is a must if you’re visiting Cleveland. It continuously has powerful and unusual exhibits, displaying very old and unique pieces like Jimi Hendrix’s letter, Joe McDonald’s jacket, Elvis Presley’s custom motorcycle, Michael Jackson’s jacket, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin jacket and pants, Frank Beard of ZZ Top drums, etc.

  • And now it is high time to restore your energy at the Cleveland Westside Market. It is a very unusual combination of dozens of food and epic proportions. Here you can find almost everything you need and even more. While making groceries, you can try everything on the spot. Isn’t it tempting?
  • If you’re interested in different kinds of machines or technologies, we recommend visiting a U.S.S. COD Submarine Memorial. Here you can learn what it was like to live in silence in deep waters of the ocean. The submarine is available in its natural state, so you can climb inside of it via a narrow ladder through a small tube. This place will be definitely interesting for adults and children as well.
Cuyahoga River
  • The last but not the least is Cuyahoga River. It is not a simple place for picnics and fishing. Here you can take a seat on a restaurant patio and order a glass of wine, observing a giant ship maneuvering its way along the Cuyahoga River.

Definitely, give Cleveland a try. And you won’t be disappointed.